Dr. Cormac Walsh is an independent researcher and consultant, living in Hamburg in Northern Germany. In addition, he is currently employed as a researcher (part-time) at the University of Oldenburg where is work will focus primarily on advancing social science and interdisciplinary perspectives on animal migration.

He is a Senior Research Associate of the International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD), a research and policy partnership focussed on spatial planning and regional development on the island of Ireland. He is a member of the ESPON Scientific Advisory Panel of Experts (2021-2022).

He is an interdisciplinary social science researcher with extensive experience in fundamental and applied research in a variety of contexts. . Trained as a geographer and spatial planner, he has extensive expertise in the fields of regional development, spatial planning and environmental management . At the core of his work is a keen interest in fostering evidence-informed dialogue among research, policy and practice stakeholders.


Dr. Walsh has a wide network of research and practitioner contacts across Europe. He is an active member of the following organisations and networks:

Marine Spatial Planning Research Network (steering group member)

Marine Social Science Research Network

Consortium of German Maritime Sciences: Social science and Humanities Strategy Group

Landscape Research Group (German branch: Arbeitskreis Landschaftsforschung)

– Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) Thematic Group on Transboundary Spaces, Policy Diffusion and Planning Cultures.

Vereinigung für Stadt-, Regional- und Landesplanung – (Professional Association for Urban and Regional Planning)

Previous Positions

06/2021 – 03/2023: Lecturer and researcher at Leuphana University, Lüneburg (Institute for Ecology and Social-Ecological Systems Institute).

11/2013 – 01/2020: Researcher and Lecturer, University of Hamburg, Institute for Geography.

09/2016- 01/2020: Principal Investigator: Wadden Sea Metageographies (funded by the German Research Foundation).

12/2011 – 10/2013: Researcher and Lecturer, HafenCity University Hamburg, Department of Urban Planning and Regional Development.

4/2010 – 11/2011: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), Maynooth University, Ireland.

09/2006 – 09/2009: Research Fellow, Urban Institute Ireland, University College Dublin.

09/05 – 08/2006: Research Assistant, National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), Maynooth University, Ireland.

Education and Qualifications:

2006-2010: PhD in Planning and Public Policy at the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin, Ireland. Thesis title: Strategic Spatial Planning at the Regional and Local Scales: A Case Study of the Dublin City-Region.

2004-2005: MSc Global Transformations at the Department of Geography Loughborough University, England.

2001-2004: BA National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUIM) Geography (major), economics, theoretical physics (minor subjects).


Dr. Cormac Walsh is a native English speaker and fluent German speaker. He has published and lectured in both German and English.

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