Managed Retreat in Europe: Learning from Good Practice in Austria and Germany (2020-2021)

Best Practice in Maritime Spatial Planning: Towards Mutually Beneficial Outcomes for Fishers, Renewable Energy Production and Marine Conservation (2020-2021)

ESPON Lakes (2020-2021)

IMAJINE (2020)

Wadden Sea Metageographies (2016-2020)

Soft Spaces, Spatial Planning and Territorial Management in Europe (2011-2013)

Sustainable Land Management (Nachhaltiges Landmanagement) (2012-2013)

ESPON KITCASP: Key Indicators for Territorial Cohesion and Spatial Planning (2012-2013)

ESPON INTERSTRAT: ESPON In Integrated Territorial Development Strategies (2011-2013)

Monitoring Spatial Strategies on the Island of Ireland (2011)

River Basin Management and Spatial Planning (2010-2012)

Urban Environment Project: Decision Support Tools for Managing the Urban Environment (2006-2010)

Strategic Spatial Planning at the Regional and Local Scales: A Case Study of the Dublin City-Region (2006-2010)