Invited Lectures / Keynotes

Invited Lectures and Keynotes (selected)

  1. Coastal Management in Germany: Lecture Course on Comparative Perspectives in Spatial Planning, University of Groningen, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Groningen, October 2019.
  2. Re-imagining the North Sea as ‘part of the Netherlands’: Transcending Land-Sea Dichotomies through Strategic Spatial Planning, University of Groningen, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Groningen, October 2019.
  3. Between Land and Sea, Nature and Culture: Governance Practices at the Wadden Sea Coast, Keynote lecture at Spatial Strategies at the Land-Sea Interface: Rethinking Maritime Spatial Planning, Hamburg, 11-13th September, video recording available here
  4. Protecting Nature at the Coast: National Parks in International Comparative Perspective, University ofGothenburg, September 2019.
  5. Protected Areas and Sustainable Regional Development, University of Trier, January 2019.
  6. Coastal Hazards and Marine Resource Governance, Kiel Marine Science Colloquium, Kiel, October 2018.
  7. Die Deichlinie als bedeutungsvolle Grenze in der gegenwärtigen Wattenmeerpolitik, Stade, October 2018.
  8. Coastal Management and Nature Conservation at the North Sea Coast of Germany: Current Challenges and Prospects for Integrated Spatial Perspectives, Queens University Belfast, October 2018.
  9. Coastal management and nature conservation at the Wadden Sea: governance practices and institutional spaces, ZENARIO Colloquium: Coastal Regions of Europe in Transformation, Oldenburg, January 2018.
  10. Continuity and Change at the Wadden Sea: a cross-cultural perspective, University of Groningen, June 2017.
  11. Nature-Culture Dichotomies and the Social Construction of Landscape at the Wadden Sea, Leibniz-ZMT Bremen, May 2016.
  12. Spatial Planning, Cross-border Cooperation and River Basin Management: Learning from International Experience, ICLRD Policy and Practice Workshop, Monaghan, Ireland, November 2012.
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