Convened Workshops and Conference Sessions

Convened Workshops

  1.  September 2019 –  Spatial Strategies at the Land-Sea Interface: Re-thinking Marine Spatial Planning, Hamburg, International Research Workshop, 11-13. September 2019 (in preparation, with Marine Spatial Planning Research Network and AESOP Thematic Group on Transboundary Spaces, Planning Cultures and Policy Diffusion).
  2. September 2018 –  Landschaftsbilder und Landschaftsverständnisse in Politik und Praxis, 6thWorkshop of the German-speaking branch of the Landscape Research Group 19.-21. September 2018.
  3. June 2018 –  Society- Environment Relations at the Wadden Sea, International Research and Teaching Workshop, (Collaboration with University of Groningen and University of Oldenburg), Hamburg, 21.-23. June 2018.
  4. January 2017 – Exploring Marine and Coastal Epistemologies: A Roundtable Workshop, Hamburg, January 2017, with Dr. Friederike Gesing, University of Bremen and Dr. Rapti Siriwardane, Leibniz-ZMT, Bremen.
  5. October 2015 –  Managing Coastal Change and Climate Vulnerability: Questions of Space, Place and Landscape’ Hamburg, with Prof. Dr. B.M.W. Ratter and Dr. Martin Döring, University of Hamburg.
  6. March 2013 – Internationale Ansätze eines nachhaltigen Landmanagements, Nachhaltiges Landmanagement Experten Workshop, Berlin.
  7. September 2011 – Indicator Development and Monitoring for the National Spatial Strategy and Regional Planning Guidelines, ESPON Ireland, Policy and Practice Seminar, Dublin, with Dr. Cian O’ Callaghan.
  8. April 2011 – Work, Rest and Play: Planning for Functional Territories, ESPON Ireland Policy and Practice Workshop, Dundalk, Ireland, with Dr. Cian O’ Callaghan.


Convened Conference Sessions

  1. September 2019 – Landscape and Landscape Research in the Anthropocene, Deutsche Kongress der Geographie, 25-30thSeptember, Kiel, with Prof Olaf Kühne, Tübingen (in preparation).
  2. June 2019 – Beyond Nature and Culture:  Relational perspectives on the Wadden Sea landscape, MARE 2019 People and the Sea Conference, Amsterdam, 24th-28thJune, with Dr. Martin Döring, Hamburg.
  3. September 2018 – Making socio-cultural values count: Opportunities and challenges for Marine Spatial Planning, Society and the Sea 2018: The values of the ocean and coasts for sustainable development Greenwich Maritime Centre, London, 6-7thSeptember 2018, with Dr. Kira Gee, HZG Geesthacht.
  4. May 2018 – Between Nature and Culture, Land and Sea: Spatial Practices at the Coast, Conference of Irish Geographers, Maynooth, with Dr. Ruth Brennan, Trinity College Dublin.
  5. May 2018 – Creating Spaces for Cooperation: Crossing Borders and Boundaries before and after Brexit, Conference of Irish Geographers, Maynooth, with Dr. Gavan Rafferty, Ulster University and ICLRD.
  6. September 2017 – The Production of Space in the Context of Environmental or Infrastructural Governance, Deutscher Kongress der Geographie, Tübingen, with Dr. Ludger Gailing, Leibniz-IRS, Erkner.
  7. May 2017 –  Environmental Regionalism and Emerging Spaces of Environmental Governance, Regional Studies Association, Annual International Conference, Dublin, with David Gibbs, University of Hull.
  8. May 2016 – Cities and Regions in Cross-Border Cooperation:  Competing or Complementary Dynamics?  15th Border Regions in Transition Conference, Hamburg/Sonderborg, with Tassilo Herrschel, University of Westminster.
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