Sustainable Land Management (Nachhaltiges Land Management)

funded by BMBF FONA, 2012-2013

This applied research project was tasked with contributing to the development of innovative solutions for sustainable land management in Germany. The project took the form of an expert review of international experience and emerging research approaches. It was a contracted sub-project of the Sustainable Land Management (Nachhaltiges Landmanagement) Research Programme funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (Research For Sustainable Development) (BMBF FONA). The sub-project involved the preparation of a discussion Paper and organisation of two expert workshops.

The Discussion Paper (in German only) is available at the link below:

Walsh, C., & Knieling. J., (2014). Planungswissenschaftliche Ansätze für ein Nachhaltiges Landmanagement, Diskussionspapier des Wissenschaftlichen Begleitvorhabens (Modul B): Innovative Systemlösungen für ein nachhaltiges Landmanagement, BMBF Förderschwerpunkt Nachhaltiges Landmanagement,

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