Best Practices in Maritime Spatial Planning policy report launched

Over the past few months I have worked on the study: ” Best Practice in Maritime Spatial Planning: Towards Mutually Beneficial Outcomes for Fishers, Renewable Energy Production and Marine Conservation” commissioned by Grace O’ Sullivan MEP on behalf of the Greens in the European Parliament. 
The study has been published today (5.2.2021) and is available to download here. See also an opinion piece by Grace O’ Sullivan MEP on the launch of the study. A webinar will take place later this month (24. Feb) where the report will be discussed with industry and NGO representatives (details tbc). 

The report highlights the innovative potential of MSP, drawing on case studies of good practice in British Columbia (community-based, EBM approach), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (sea-use regulation, legal certainty) and the Dutch North Sea (strategic, future-oriented agenda-setting perspective). I was particularly pleased to be be able to raise awareness of the need for recognition of multiple perspectives on sea sea space in a document of this nature. Hopefully the report will help foster a greater awareness of what MSP can achieve among a wider policy audience. 

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